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Working Group Committees

Working Group Committees

In January 2009, the structure and accomplishments of the Working Group over the previous two years were evaluated and the following Committees, each tasked with addressing a particular set of goals, were formed.

Committee on Communication and Public Outreach


  • Coordinate communication plan to publicize the accomplishments of the NIH Working Group on Women in Biomedical Careers

  • Develop and implement strategies to disseminate and promote adoption of the recommendations of theWomen in Biomedical Research: Best Practices for Sustaining Career Success workshop by all relevant stakeholders

Chair: Linda S. Birnbaum, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., A.T.S. (NIEHS)

Members: Marin Allen, Ph.D. (OD/OCPL), Whitney Barfield, Ph.D. (OD/ORWH), Janine Austin Clayton, M.D. (OD/ORWH), Christine Flowers, M.P.A. (NIEHS), Pamela Marino, Ph.D. (NIGMS), Jennifer Plank-Bazinet, Ph.D. (OD/ORWH), Ericka Reid, Ph.D. (NIEHS)

Committee on Advancing Women in Independent Positions


  • Identify successful approaches to spur advancement of women biomedical scientists who have completed research training and are in independent research or research-related positions

  • Collaborate with organizations that support the advancement of women in science

Chair:  Judith H. Greenberg, Ph.D. (NIGMS)

Members: Tiffani Bailey Lash, Ph.D. (NIBIB), Whitney Barfield, Ph.D. (OD/ORWH), Marie Bernard, M.D. (NIA), Michelle Berny-Lang, Ph.D. (NCI), Toccara Chamberlain (NIA), Janine Austin Clayton, M.D. (OD/ORWH), Myra Derbyshire, Ph.D. (NLM), Michael Lauer, M.D. (OD/OER), P. Kay Lund. Ph.D. (OD/OER), Lynn Morin, M.A. (NIAAA), Jennifer Plank-Bazinet, Ph.D. (OD/ORWH), Joan Schwartz, Ph.D. (OD/OIR), Belinda Seto, Ph.D. (NEI)

Committee on Extramural Activities and Mentoring Programs


  • Develop and/or revise extramural funding mechanisms and policies to (1) use grant monies for dependent care expenses, (2) provide technical or administrative support during a leave of absence, and (3) extend grant support during and after a leave of absence

  • Examine NIH funding reviews to ensure gender equity throughout the review process, including gender of reviewers

  • Collect, store, and publish composite information on the demographics of extramural funding applicants and recipients

  • Develop extramural mentoring programs based on the recommendations of the National Leadership Workshop on Mentoring Women in Biomedical Careers

Chair: Sally Rockey, Ph.D. (OD/OER)

Members: Janine Austin Clayton, M.D. (OD/ORWH), Cheryl Kitt, Ph.D. (OD/OER), Walter Schaffer, Ph.D. (OD/OER)

Committee on the NIH Intramural Research Program


  • Encourage changes to the NIH work culture, such as those related to infant and child care issues, and consider the development of alternative metrics to evaluate  female and male scientists with care giving responsibilities

  • Consider the National Academies recommendations for universities as a guide for improving the recruitment and retention strategies at NIH, including considerations for dual career families

Chairs: Michael Gottesman, M.D. (OD/OIR) and Joan Schwartz, Ph.D. (OD/OIR)

Members: Mirit Aladjem, Ph.D. (NCI), James Battey, M.D., Ph.D. (NIDCD), Yasmine Belkaid, Ph.D. (NIAID), Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., A.T.S. (NIEHS), Linda Brothers, J.D. (Ombudsman), Janine Austin Clayton, M.D. (OD/ORWH), Tammy Colliins, Ph.D. (NIEHS), Myra Derbyshire, Ph.D. (NLM), Cynthia Dunbar, M.D. (NHLBI), Edward Giniger, Ph.D. (NINDS), Patricia Grady, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N. (NINR), Anna Han, Ph.D. (OD/COSWD), Richard Hodes, M.D. (NIA), Germaine Buck Louis, Ph.D. (NICHD), Catherine Meyerle, M.D. (NEI), Elizabeth Murphy, Ph.D. (NHLBI), Elaine Ostrander, Ph.D. (NHGRI), Jennifer Plank-Bazinet, Ph.D. (OD/ORWH), Hannah Valantine, M.D. (OD/COSWD), Judith Walters, Ph.D.(NINDS), Sarah Williams, J.D. (OD/EDI), Kathryn Zoon, Ph.D. (NIAID)

Committee on Integration of Women into Bioengineering Fields

Task: Ensure that the career challenges faced by women in bioengineering fields are considered and develop resources for the career development and advancement of female and male bioengineers with care giving responsibilities

Chair: Belinda Seto, Ph.D. (NEI)

Members: Guoying Liu, Ph.D. (NIBIB), Joan McGowan, Ph.D. (NIAMS)

Committee on Women of Color in Biomedical Careers

Task: Ensure that the unique career challenges faced by women of color are addressed, paying specific attention to recruitment, mentoring, retention, and promotion

Chairs: Marie Bernard, M.D. (NIA) and Belinda Seto, Ph.D. (NEI)

Members: Margo Adesanya, D.D.S. (NIDCR), Irene Avila, Ph.D. (OD/COSWD), Tiffani Bailey Lash, Ph.D. (NIBIB), Whitney Barfield, Ph.D. (OD/ORWH), Precilla L. Belin, Ph.D., M.A., M.C.H.E.S. (NCI), Rosalina Bray, Ph.D. (NICHD), Claudette Brooks, M.D. (OD/ORWH), Toccara Chamberlain (NIA), Bashira Charles, Ph.D. (NHGRI), Debra C. Chew, J.D. (OD/EDI), Fatima Chowdhry (NICHD), Janine Austin Clayton, M.D. (OD/ORWH), Mary Custer, Ph.D. (CSR), Cerise Elliott, Ph.D. (NIA), Lisa Evans, J.D. (OD/OER), Gloria Gonzalez, Ph.D. (OD/COSWD), Victoria Gross (OD/EDI), Anna Han, Ph.D. (OD/COSWD), Alisha Hopkins (NIBIB), Kay Johnson (OD/EDI), Peter Kozel, Ph.D. (CSR), Tiffani Bailey Lash, Ph.D. (NIBIB), Wendy Lee (NIAID), Jaron Lockett, Ph.D. (NIA), Janetta Lun, Ph.D. (OD/COSWD), Helena Mishoe, Ph.D., M.P.H. (NHLBI), Carmen Moten, Ph.D., M.P.H. (NIA), Kate Nagy (NIA), Suzanne New (NIDCR), Roland Owens, Ph.D. (OD/OIR), Jennifer Plank-Bazinet, Ph.D. (OD/ORWH), Khara Ramos, Ph.D. (NINDS), Reiko Toyama, Ph.D. (NICHD), Yolanda Vallejo-Estrada, Ph.D. (NIDCR), Sarah Williams, J.D. (OD/EDI), Hinda Zlotnik, Ph.D. (NIGMS)

National Library of Medicine Programs

Task: Continue to implement and publicize innovative policies within the NLM extramural programs which address the needs of women and minorities in biomedical careers

Chair: Donald Lindberg, M.D. (NLM)

Members: Becky Lyon (NLM), Barbara Rapp, Ph.D. (NLM)

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