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NIH Programs

Programs supported by the Working Group range from introducing high-school students to careers in the biomedical sciences to instituting family-friendly policies for all NIH staff.

  • Stay up to date on the Working Group, as well as related research and activities throughout the scientific community, with free subscriptions to Advances and Insights: The NIH Women in Science Newsletter and to the Women in Science NIH LISTSERV.

  • In an effort to increase awareness and encourage participation in the many support programs and resources at NIH, the Women's Employment Committee has created the NIH Workforce Eligibility Matrix. A text version is also available.

  • Back-up Care Program: The National Institutes of Health has contracted with Bright Horizons to offer NIH employees access to back-up care when they need to be at work and their regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable.

  • Voluntary Leave Bank Program: Medical conditions can happen at any time, without any notice, and can require hundreds of hours of leave. The NIH Leave Bank offers income protection to eligible NIH Leave Bank members who are affected by a personal or family medical emergency or condition.

  • Leave Information: From the Office of Human Resources at NIH

  • Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH): A mentored career development program connecting junior faculty, known as “BIRCWH Scholars,” to senior faculty with shared research interest in women’s health and sex differences research.

  • Women of Color Research Network: Participate in the LinkedIn community that is addressing the challenges faced by all women and minorities entering and advancing in scientific careers.

  • Keep the Thread: This program offers current NIH Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA)/Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) postdoctoral fellows several options for increasing flexibility and temporarily reducing effort while remaining connected to their research and the NIH community during times of intense family needs.

  • Initiatives for Advancing Women in Science and Medical Careers: NIH’s numerous efforts and initiatives that support this commitment.

  • Women Scientist Advisors (WSA) Committee: The elected representatives of women from each Institute or Center at NIH whose function is to represent the interests of women scientists and to raise awareness of issues facing women scientists and to work towards improving women's representation in the NIH faculty at all levels.

  • Jobs at NIH: Apply today!

  • WSA Scholars:  Selected from a pool of all the female FARE award (Fellow Award for Research Excellence) winners, by a panel of WSA institute representatives.

  • Women Scientist Career Profiles: Data is from the Office of Intramural Research

This page last updated: August 9, 2018

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