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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Women are reaching the highest levels in academia, industry, and elsewhere, but their numbers remain disproportionately low. These resources include strategies to develop and support more women in top leadership positions. Please note: information presented here is not necessarily endorsed by, nor does it represent the views of, the NIH.

In this video, Hannah Valantine, M.D., Jennifer Glass, Ph.D., Donna Ginther, Ph.D., and Deborah Helitzer, Sc.D., discuss why there is such a drastic loss of scientific minds once they leave school and enter the workforce, especially among minorities and women. The Women of Color Research Network is a result of efforts of the NIH Working Group on Women in Biomedical Careers to provide an instrument of outreach to women of color and others to assist them in navigating the NIH grants process and to receive advice on their career development.

Women in Science Research Toolkit

This toolkit provides tools for senior leadership and team leaders to identify obstacles to career advancement, diagnose and inform changes at the institutional level, and also guide individuals in mapping and planning a scientific career.

Transforming your STEM Career through Leadership and Innovation: Inspiration and Strategies for Women

This book offers a series of articles that explores leadership and innovation principles, incorporates personal examples and profiles of women, and provides a practical guide for pursuing leadership and innovation opportunities.

Leadership Tips for Women

In 2013, the European Molecular Biology Organization hosted a laboratory management course with only woman participants. An article in Science highlights several leadership lessons from the course.

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